Hello there!
My name is Anna Łazowska, I'm a freelance illustrator based in Warsaw (Poland). I studied graphic art at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodz. After many years of working as a graphic designer & illustrator in advertsing, I decided to take care of my only passion & become a full time, editorial & book illustrator.
I'm passionate about animals, nature, strange creatures, music, human psyche, and...a child's look at the reality that surrounds us
- all of this inspires me the most & has the biggest impact on my art.
What I do?
I'm mainly focused on book & editorial illustration.  I love to illustrate children's books - it gives me the opportunity to go back to my childhood memories and to cross the borders that we impose on ourselves as adults.
What else can I can do?
Basicaly anything that gives me the oportunity to draw!  postcards, posters, stickers, web illustrations, layout designs, illustrations (scenes) for the explainers videos & animations (2 years work experience in an animation studio), custom order illustrations & many, many more - feel free to ask!
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